Understanding and growing your community’s faith.
Outreach is an educational offering to campus ministries, youth groups and parishes. Angel uses Intellectmap’s patented AI technology to assess the level of faith in the community and create individualized plans for spiritual development.
Angel can...

Identify the level of understanding each person in your community has of the Catholic faith.

Aggregate the educational needs of your community and provide targeted faith formation programs to every individual.

Assign an AI-powered Catholic instructor to guide each individual on their unique path.

Audit and measure each person's progress in their comprehension of the Catholic faith.

You can...

Connect seamlessly to your Intellect Manager account so you can manage conversations by best understanding where people are at.

Maximize impact. By leveraging technology to learn about your community, you’ll be able to reach more people.

Maximize time and resources. By understanding your community’s needs upfront, you’ll be able to target your conversations from day one.

Embed Angel into your site, so people can talk to Angel without leaving your home page.